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Friday, January 13, 2006

Chicken's Friday

Well it has been almost two weeks since I started my diet and I'm not feeling like I've lost anything. I know it take time but I just want to feel some results to know that it is working.

1 Low Carb Yogurt 3 carbs
1 diet soda 1 carb

2 pieces of cheese
1 diet soda caffenine free

I know I need to lay off the soda but I've been so good about everything else.

1 comment:

Mishka said...

I am not feeling much of a change yet either but I know that my attitude and outlook is more positive just because I am doing something. Oh, and Aunt Flo's visit was a piece of cake.

I like that I am in the mode to exercise and watch my food everyday...I finally feel like I am getting back on routine and not struggling to just get started. It makes it so much easier I think.