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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Goal for Next Week

I really want to step things up exercise wise so that I am burning enough calories each day in exercise that I don't have to worry as much about what I am long as the end total comes out to be in the 900's after subracting the exercise, then I am good to go.

Idealistically, I would like to workout twice a day. Once in the morning at the gym doing cardio and weights and then again in the afternoon, walking or something around outside.

Unfortunately, realistically, I haven't been able to get exercise in my day (other than what I am counting on the pedometer) everyday yet, so I guess I should start focusing on getting dedicated exercise in everyday and then try to pump it up to twice a day after I accomplish that.

I just so want to not be looking at the calories as much and enjoying what I eat a bit more....not that it hasn't been good food, but I feel like I can't cook regular stuff....ugh. Thank goodness that J hasn't been here much because that allows me a lot more freedom in my eating.

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