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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Exercise on Tuesday

Well, I didn't get any cardio in but I did work my ass off. Today was one of those days when you start one project and end up doing adding other little ones in as you go because the one project wouldn't be complete if you didn't do the little ones as well.

The project was that I needed to condition our leather couch, loveseat, oversized chair and ottoman. They hadn't been done in a while because we had run out of stuff to do it with. The ottoman and the chair get some sun during the day and I really wanted to get them done. So I started with the loveseat because it is the only one in the family room and that is where I was at the time. Once I got most of it done, I pulled it away from the wall to do the back and that is where the little projects came in. I couldn't pull it away from the wall without vacuuming and dusting back there. This then caused me to pull other pieces of furniture in the room (that were not leather) away and dust/vacuum behind them as well. See what I mean.

Overall the entire project took me about 3 hours of pretty strenuous work. My shoulders got quite the workout.

When I put it as cleaning -light (which it wasn't) it comes up as 517 calories burned. I guess that is what would be considered the low end of how much I burned. It might have been more but I don't want to over estimate.

My pedometer also has 3000 steps on it for 124 calories in movement.

If I am not getting skinnier soon, I don't know what is going on.

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