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Monday, March 27, 2006

Mishka Update

I haven't been logging my food here for a while. J is home and the meal thing throws things off a bit but I am keeping an eye on things, and when stuff slows down around here a bit, I will continue to log.

I have been a bit lax in the exercise department (so I guess it is good that I am watching my food, huh?), but did get some workouts in during the weekend.

Dug and planted over 20 plants in my back yard. 3 of them weighed more than 250 pounds so it required quite a bit of manuevering.

Hit golf balls at the range for about 45 minutes
Played a full round of golf with J for 4 hours

Not great, but better than nothing. My sister is doing much better with her program....I just need to get motivated. Weather is improving and that makes walking daily much easier, along with more desirable. Plan to get out and find 8 geocaches today so I am sure I will be getting some serious walking in this afternoon.

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