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Thursday, April 06, 2006



I walked 4 miles in the morning, with plans to ride my bike in the afternoon as well. I did lunges during my walk (2 sets of 10 per leg). Ended up having soccer practice in the afternoon so I ran my fat butt off for 2 hours or so and I am sure that every muscle in my body from the waist down will be killing me until I play my game on Sunday.


Breakfast was a serving of raisin, walnut, oatmeal, a banana, and one cup of coffee.
Lunch was tuna fish with onions, pickle, mayo and mustard on Triscuits, with 2 glasses of Diet Coke w/lime
Dinner was a tiny bowl of rice with Thai green curry (I had soccer right after eating this so I didn't eat much).
When I got home from practice, I had an avocado, and a lowfat yogurt with a cranberry/vodka drink.

Probably could have done better in the food department but I felt like giving myself a break after all that running. I guess the better idea would have been to take advantage of the calorie burn and not spoil it but I don't think the avocado did too much damage....

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