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Friday, January 06, 2006

Discovery Health

I found on Discovery Health the National Body Challenge 2006. I signed up for it just so I could use most of the tools...don't plan to do their plan in particular. The diet would just be too hard to incorporate with J around but I did find some cool things on their site I would recommend checking out.

If you want the password and user name so you too can use their tools, drop me an email. The activity burn rate calculator is pretty awesome but I think you have to be registered to use it, so feel free to use my info to log in....nothing in the profile is real except my email address anyhow. They also have a menu section that allows for you to plan your meals for the 8 week challenge that starts in mid January. You could check it out and then if you wanted to register on your own to do the meals or something, that would be an option.

Anyhow, just thought I would share the information.

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Dave Morris said...

Good luck with all of this. I went to NY last week and ate like a fiend at all the good restaurants, but I also walked over 30 miles during my stay, so I hope I burned most of it right back off. I don't appear to have gained weight.