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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Exercise for Thursday

Yesterday I did get some walking in but it was only about 20 minutes and only came to about 100 calories....I only noted it on the food post.

Today, I geocached and walked quite a bit. I put my pedometer on around lunchtime and I walked 6600 steps from lunch until around I burnt about 258 calories if we don't take into account that part of that walking was pretty fast...I think if I do it on the other calculator, which lets you put in your speed, it comes out to be much more....414 to be at least I have that, huh?

Oh well, I need to do more anyhow if I want to make any kind of head way.


Chicken said...

What calculator?

Mishka said...

The discovery health activity burn calculator...the numbers are a bit more accurate for exercising but you have to know about how much time you spent.

If you are just doing regular walking, and counting steps then the weight in your pedometer should give you the correct calorie burn.

So I guess if part of the 10,000 steps a day you are doing is cardio, then for that time that you are doing cardio, I would use the activity burn calculator because you burn more when you are in your target zone...does that make sense?