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Sunday, February 05, 2006

New Exercise

I was actually pretty impressed, when I saw according to the calorie burn calculator, how many calories are burned doing Taebo...I need to start doing that DVD more often.

I bought a couple of other ones (most of my old work out stuff is on VHS and I can't do aerobics in the room that has the VCR in it so I have to have DVDs to get anything done). I think I might be donating a lot of those tapes to Goodwill soon anyhow...I am not interested in most of them.

The Taebo that I have is Taebo II Advanced 1 and 2 with a little 8 minute workout on there. It is pretty good but I think I like the original one I used to have on VHS better. He seems to want you to do things too fast on this one and you end up losing form big time. I looked ridiculous I am sure during those speedy round house kicks.

One of the ones I just ordered is a copy of one I loved on VHS. It is a step Reebok tape called Intense Moves. It is interval training and the time just flies by on this workout. You can make it as hard for yourself as you want.

The other one that is coming is something new I have been looking at. It is part of The Firm collection, which I have never tried before. I thought I would give this one a whirl and see how it is. Everyone I know loves these ones and say they really work to get fat off fast. Thing is, I am not going to spend the money buying all the equipment they want you to, just to do this workout. I already have a step and several weights and bands so I think I will just improvise on some of the workouts. We'll see. This one is called Express Cardio and if I like it, I might try some of the other targeting ones.

Thing is, I can lift normal weights until my hearts content at our gym (at least until our membership ends in October) so I would rather focus on cardio for home workouts for now.

I should mention that I have some good pilates and yoga DVDs, that I love, I just haven't been doing them lately. I need to do it, just need to get motivated.

The burn on that Taebo the other night is a great motivator....if I did that thing everyday, I could eat whatever the hell I wanted and right now, I am really missing ice cream (which I never eat anyhow, but I would love to have some) and chocolate cookies for some reason.

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