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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 17 Cycle 2 of 17 Day Diet and Mishka's Saturday


3 egg whites with 1 tsp of oil and pico de gallo (1 of my fats)
Red seedless grapes (1 of my fruits)
16 oz of water (2 of my waters)
1/2 cup of coffee (cheat, 1 tsp organic sugar, nonfat milk)
Multivitamin, glucosamine and calcium supplements


32 oz of water (4 of my waters)
4 oz of tilapia, steamed with lemon pepper and garlic
Brussel sprouts


16 oz of water (2 of my waters)
Yogurt w/dry roasted, unsalted peanuts (1 of my probiotics)
Bowl of cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and carrots
1 tsp of Soy Joy (1 of my fats)

Didn't get any exercise, AF was in full steam today and just wasn't feeling up for it. Hopefully she will be on her way out tomorrow and at least a walk will be in. Weighing tomorrow morning but AF might throw those numbers off too.

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