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Friday, October 18, 2013

No Excuses

Okay, so it has been excuses. I had a doctor's appt not too long ago and the scale there scared the crap out of me...I was two pounds shy of my all time high. Not sure what has happened over the last few months but I am not happy about it, and I am ready to do something.

One of our cousin's started up a fitness motivation group on FB so we can encourage each other and also be accountable to someone about what we are eating and how much exercise we are getting, in whatever form it might be in.

I started back on exercise last Sunday, so I am going to log those days here, as I should, even though they will look out of order. Logging for me keeps me accountable as well.

I wasn't going to start logging food so soon because I wanted to get the exercise routine back in full swing first but since Joe started the group yesterday, I decided to log what I ate yesterday. At least it wasn't too bad.

Sharkweek is going to start today or tomorrow too so I have that to deal with, but that also means I'll see a few pounds drop off just from that which will be nice.

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