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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 11 of 17 Day Diet and Mishka's Thursday


1 16 oz glass of water (2 of my waters)
3 egg whites, 1 egg yolk, scrambled with 1 tbs of oil, garlic, onion, bellpepper, pepper and salsa (1 of my oils)
1 Fuji apple (1 of my fruits)
1 cup of coffee (cheat 1tsp of sugar and nonfat milk)
Multivitamin, glucosamine, and calcium supplements


1 16 oz glass of water (2 of my waters)
43 mins walking 2+ miles on track (3x what the diet calls for)


1 16 oz glass of water (2 of my waters)
1 4oz tilapia filet, steamed with lemon pepper
1 serving of red seedless grapes (1 of my fruits)
1/2 can of green beans, rinsed to reduce sodium


5 oz of chicken breast, cooked in water, lemon juice, sesame seed oil, sesame seeds, and pepper (1 of my oils)
Large bowl of spring greens, with carrots, tomato and cucumber
2 shots of vodka in tonic water with orange wedge (cheat)


Yogurt with 1/2 serving of unsalted dry roasted peanuts (1 of my probiotics)


On Wii, at 9:30am, longsleeves and longpant PJs (-3lbs), empty stomach and bladder, 153.7 for loss of .7lbs

1 comment:

Chicken said...

You are doing a great job sis!