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Friday, October 07, 2011

Day 2 Cycle 2 of 17 Day Diet and Mishka's Friday

Okay, today is back to the no starches...can't wait for some Cream of Wheat, brown rice and potatoes today at the store...


3 egg whites, 1 egg yolk, with 1 tsp olive oil, pico de gallo, and garlic (1 of my oils)
1 serving of blueberries (1 of my fruits)
1 cup of coffee (cheat, 1 tsp organic sugar and nonfat milk)
16 oz of water (2 of my waters)
Multivitamin, glucosamine, and calcium supplements


4 oz of mahi mahi (steamed) with pico de gallo
1 serving of broccoli (steamed)
3 small clementine oranges (1 of my fruits)
16 oz of water (2 of my waters)
Green tea


4 oz of chicken breast cooked in water, garlic, pepper and sesame
Spring greens with baby carrots, cherry tomatoes
Yogurt with unsalted, dryroasted peanuts (1 of my probiotics)
16 oz of water (2 of my waters)

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