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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday for Mishka


3 egg whites, 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp oil, garlic, pico, onion, and bellpepper (1 of my fats)
1 canned pear with light juice (1 of my fruits)
16 oz of water (2 of waters)
1 cup of coffee (cheat, 1 tsp organic sugar, nonfat milk)


6 oz of steamed tilapia
1 cup of steamed asparagus
1/2 tsp of mayo
2 tbs of salsa
32 oz of water (4 of my waters)
1 cup of chai tea (cheat, 1 tsp organic sugar, nonfat milk)
1 trail mix bar


Tom Yum Goong
1/4 cup of jasmine rice
Yogurt w/unsalted dry roasted peanuts (1 of my probiotics)
2 shots of vodka
Diet tonic water

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