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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Start

I'm starting with a clean slate like Mishka. My goals from October got lost during the holidays.

Last night William and I set up my pedometer although I forgot it this morning. I went to the store and purchased a ton of low carb foods for work. William and I will grocery shop later and I will make sure to eat low carb dinners each night. In addition to the 1 hour of walking that I do at work each day, I would like to walk after work and/or do my yoga routine.

Here is what I've had so far today:

2 scrambled eggs 1.2 carbs
1 cup of coffee w/sugar free creamer 1.0 carbs

2 celery sticks 1.6 carbs
3 pieces of cheese 2.0 carbs
2 diet sodas (no cafffenine) 2.0 carbs

I'd like to keep my total carb intake for the day below 20 carbs. I really need to stop drinking so much soda and continue to reduce my caffeine intake. I'll post the rest of my food later.


I've walked 45 minutes today and here is my lunch:

2 Celery Sticks 1.6 carbs
1/3 cup cottage cheese 3 carbs
1 Laughing Cow wedge 2 carbs

It doesn't look like I'll make my 20 carb goal unless I do stictly protein for dinner. We will see I guess.

2 Brats 2 carbs

Looks like I made it!! William and I went shopping tonight so I have tons of food that I can eat now.


Mishka said...

I too am trying to cut out soda at least dark sodas because they do cause bone density issues. I like caffine, don't know if I can give it up, figure it might be the one vice I have to have....haha.

Mind Sprite said...

Good for you guys! I'm on a totally different program, but I'm hoping for health and fitness and weight loss too! Luckily caffeine is not a problem at all for me, so I don't have to give that up along with the sugar I love (and crave) so much!

Mishka said...

Good job are on track....and I am so glad you have some food in the house.

That CalorieKing website also offers carb counts (might be useful for you are eating things already prepared). They take an average if you don't have a specific brand to put in.

Freemind_Sprite...Chicken and I are not on the same program except for the desire to be fitter. I can't do the no carb would kill me. I just try to eat lowfat and sensible portions sizes and exercise my brains out. The only reason I am cutting out dark sodas is the calcium thing. I still treat myself to diet other things or lightly sweetened tea.